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AIPF equips itself to defend french bread globally

In 2016 the profile of the AIPF-R. CALVEL (International Association for French Bread – R. Calvel) was consolidated and enhanced, with an increase of over 20% in its membership. This dynamism must be matched by strong commitments in order to fulfil the primary role of the Association, namely to increase the allure of French bread around the world.

Hubert Chiron, AIPF’s president, reported these words with pride to an audience of around 70 people, as he opened the association’s AGM in Paris on 6th March at the premises of AG2R

An ambition with a particular focus on “professionalization”, in the words of the President, who believes the AIPF needs to gain a better grasp of the major changes taking place within the profession which appear to be occurring at an ever increasing pace. Upcoming projects discussed included support for international apprentice exchanges, improved tools for communicating and promoting the association’s events and the work of its members, attendance at public gatherings, in particular maintaining a presence at trade fairs, creating a technical committee, forging closer local links with members, etc.

The afternoon of this day of meetings was devoted to the main developments in the panoply of milling varieties. With contributions from various speakers, the meeting took stock of old and new varieties, progress achieved in the genetics field, protein requirements etc. Michel Rousset (INRA – French National Institute for Agricultural Research), Josiane Lorgeon (Arvalis – Crops Research Institute), Catherine Grand-Ravel (geneticist at INRA Clermont-Ferrand), Fabrice Bourjot (Head of Wheat Development at Moulins Soufflet), Mathieu Tabart and Florent Mercier (farmers/millers – French Farmers’ Seed Network) offered their guidance and expertise on these themes.

The AIPF’s Annual General Meeting provided an opportunity to welcome three new administrators, with the election de Wafaa Lamri-Marhoum, Jean-Yves Guinard and Philippe Godard. Hubert Chiron was re-elected as President.